Senior night football tradition

Jayson Schmidt, staff

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  Varsity football coach Todd Simis was asked about the Senior night football game and what the football team does for the seniors who play. Within the fourteen years he’s been head coach. Simis was talking about how senior night was a night to recognize all the seniors and their parents for being a part of Capital’s elite football program. The senior players are introduced numerically with their parents and they get their picture taken in front of the crowd.

     Coach Simis said, “It’s a tradition itself and the seniors look forward to it.”

  Senior night is a night where the coaching staff and mostly parents give a thank you to the senior players as well. Coach Simis said that each year parents do their own kind of celebration for their child.

  Simis also added, “We can’t run this program without the parents and can’t celebrate without the parents.”


  Senior night football is a big responsibility. Coach Simis was talking about how they have to make sure that they do it right and make it meaningful to the parents and the players. It tends to get very emotional.

  Coach Simis said, “It’s a moment most have played since optimus and it’s been a journey for the family.”


  The future of senior night for football is going to stay for quite awhile. The coaching staff has already developed a routine that will continue for years to come the only difference is the faces.

  Simis said, “The person who replaces me I hope continues to try and make it special.”

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Senior night football tradition