DECA Exceeds Make-a-Wish Goal

Make-A-Wish fundraisers for a three year old boy named Remmy passes $6,ooo

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DECA Exceeds Make-a-Wish Goal

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DECA made multiple fundraising opportunities to help make Remmy go to Disney World. Capital gave students the opportunity to purchase Make-A-Wish stars, buttons from the library, received profit from the Powder Puff shirts. And Capital received donations from the football game and the volleyball team.

Here is a list of the specific activity totals:

Star Sales:

Sophomores:  470.00

Juniors        1,025.00


Total Star Sales         2,100.00


Personal Donations(Tomas Idoeta) 100.00

Volleyball  Team Donations   200.00

Profit from Powder Puff shirts 150.00

Buttons from Library   35.00

Shirts from the Guard  300.00

Total Donations            785.00

Miracle Minute Collections

Sophomores  475.00

Juniors           922.50

Seniors           1,293.00

Total Miracle Minute Collections    2,690.50


Donations from Football Game

Homecoming Football Game          641.19

Total Funds  Raised for Make-A-Wish


Goal for 2018       6,180.00

Raised 2018 6,216.69

+/- from Goal      + 36.69

In the past 12 years we have raised  $42,485.00

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