2018 State Championship Swim Meet

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     The Meet Invitation for the State Championship is posted on idhsaa.org  under sport/swimming.
     It details the times and specifics of the meet, including the presence of the media:
High School Media Protocol Members of the school media (school newspaper/yearbook) will only be issued site credentials and must comply with the following:
 • Credential will be picked up at the Media/Pass gate by school administrator
 • Credential will be returned to Media/Pass gate at conclusion of game/event
     Broadcasting/Webcasting IHSAA Webcast Partner: NFHS Network Exclusive video broadcast rights of State Play-In and IHSAA sponsored State Tournament events are contracted through the NFHS Network. Permission for cable operators, newspapers, radio stations, television stations, school broadcasting, private individual or Internet sites in relation to video broadcast of State Play-In and IHSAA sponsored State Tournament events must be done by contacting NFHS Network. Credentials will not be granted to media not receiving clearance from the IHSAA through NFHS Network.
     I am requesting bus transportation for the team for Friday’s session, with an arrival time of 2:10 (to coincide with the end of 6th period), and a planned departure time of 2:20 for the West Y.
     The complete roster of meet qualifiers will be posted on Monday by the IHSAA.  At that time I can provide a list of the Eagles participating in the meet to you.  I will also provide a final summary of the meet results for the team once the meet is concluded.
     Thanks again for your support and the elevated visibility you provided for the team this season.  Your hard work on our behalf is much appreciated.
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