Westys Bowling Night

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Westys Bowling Night


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Junior Trevor Hale said that Westy’s Bowling Night was a really
fun event for Homecoming week. There was a lot of fun with Capital students for only two bucks.
“With this family atmosphere we can spread school love to each other,” Hale said.
Student Council was not getting any profits from the event. Also, the low price encouraged more people to attend.
“We really just wanted to get all the students to have fun,” Hale said. That night was to help get rid of all the stress for the students. The two hours provided enough to really have fun.
“It’s a Friday night, after doing homework you get to go and have fun with friends,” Hale said.
In the future Student Council hopes to do something like this again.
“I know it is a good thing to get kids involved in this kind of activities,” Hale said.
Senior Julia Zickefoose said that Westy’s Bowling Night was a event that has never been done before for Homecoming week. Usually the Homecoming football game would be on Friday but due to scheduling
it ended up being on a Thursday. Student council decided to do some- thing fun on Friday night.

“We called up Westy’s and we reserved the bowling lanes for school to have something to do on Friday,” Zickefoose said.

Westy’s was really close to capital and Student Council discovered that people don’t really like to go far for events. Bowling would usually be pretty expensive but bowling for two hours for only two dollars it’s a great deal and a good way to spend a Friday night.

“Everyone likes bowling right? It’s something that is fun to do with friends,” Zickefoose said.

After a fun dress up week, bowling was a good option to enjoy the night. Bowling was something different, it was on a different day and it is also close to school.

“It’s something that the entire schools get involved in,” Zickefoose said.

In the future Student Council hopes to do something like this again if it works well.

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