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Language Class

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This was sophomore Elora Schilling’s first year of taking German. Elora said that most students choose to learn Spanish, so it’s cool learning a language that isn’t as common.

“I feel like it’s better to learn something that most people don’t know,” Schilling said.

She also mentioned that her German class specifically has a good learning environment. The class isn’t boring because they play a lot of games.

“If people are interested in learning German, they should find a class with a fun environment,” Schilling said.

She also explained that they have a lot of activities outside of school such as Octoberfest. For this event, their class went to a German restaurant to experience German culture.

“It’s important to not just learn the German language, but about how the Ger- mans live,” Schilling said.

She says that she will probably take more German classes in the future and recommends that others take it as well.

“I think it’s a great thing to know and if you want to travel in Europe, you should know how to communicate,” Schilling said.

AP Spanish teacher Michael O’Laughlin explained that vocabulary is the most important thing when learning a new language. He encouraged his students to study vocabulary on Quizlet at home because Quizlet helped students recognize, spell, and pronounce words correctly.

“Practice vocabulary frequently to help comprehend,” O’Laughlin said.

He said another important thing about learning a new language is communica- tion. He communicates to students in class by speaking clearly, writing words out, and using hand gestures.

“When talking to someone in Spanish, it’s best to keep it comfortable and comprehensive,” he said.

O’Laughlin also mentioned that reading in Spanish also helps students find words that they don’t know and learn them on their own.

“Reading in no matter what language is essential because it builds vocabulary and challenges you and helps you understand more of the culture,” O’Laughlin said.

He recommends that his current students continue taking Spanish classes.

“Figure out why you want to learn the language and make it happen,” O’Laughlin said.

by Mia Koberg

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