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Zachary Gilmore

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Jayson Schmidt, a senior member of the KCHSTV team, said that he really enjoyed being in video broad- casting and KCHSTV. In the class some of the students were in charge who were more experienced, they helped the newer students. They all helped each other, like a well-oiled machine.

“It can be confusing if you’re not paying attention… fun but important it’s a big program now,” Schmidt said. Video Production teacher Gabe Garcia had a system to how the videos were made. All of the classes had their

own projects, but the more educated Video 3 kids helped everyone else, as the younger students tried to under- stand the system. The Video 1 students were treated separately and they had their own projects to do as they got acquainted with the system.

Schmidt said, “Enjoy the time you have with it … if you aren’t sure about something ask.”

Their new project was recording live athletic events and broadcasting on You Tube for people to watch at home. Staffulty members Blais Telleria, Jason Gordon and Dane Pence did live commentaries during the Varsity football games.
The video students set up two cameras with one that roamed and was carried by a cameraman and another camera that was above the crowd. They had three people on the camera in the crowd. They edited the footage as
it was taken. After the live footage was taken they put the video into a program and made a highlight reel.

“Listen and pay attention if you’re a producer, it’s a big role,” Schmidt said.

Schmidt was optimistic for the future and thinks the program will thrive if there are good students and if people know the things they have to do.

In the future he thinks it will be “A lot more fun but a lot more stress.”

By Zachary Gilmore

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