Volleyball Senior Night

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Volleyball Senior Night

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Senior Varsity Volleyball player Haley Fonceca said that team bond- ing was important to her. Her team is close and no one hates each other and they hang out outside of practice and games.

“We are just all a family,” Fonceca said.
Another important part was the wins and lost. They were 5th in dis- tricts and improve in every game and since last year.
“Have a lot of potential for the future,” Fonceca said.
Senior night was to honor seniors, its October 11 and they are going against Skyview.
“Monument in your athletic career,” Fonceca said.
She hoped that , there would still be young girls and very talented. “The future has promise for us,” Fonceca said.

Senior Varsity Volleyball player Adna Godinjak said that being a leader was important to her. Something she knew she would have to step up to for the people looking up to her.
“You don’t have to be a perfect person to be a leader but you have to be inspirational,” Godinjak said.

Another important thing she said was volleyball again. The teamwork and being able to mesh well with your teammates so you can play on the court.
“It’s important to find stuff in common with your teammates and plan fun activities because if you bond as friends outside of volleyball then it will make it easier to work together,” Godinjak said.

She had played with the 3 other seniors for 2-3 years now its super fun because they know each other really well it’s like having your best friends on the court with you.
“It’s a great opportunity to be able to have those girls because not everyone gets to be on the same teammates and we already know how we work together on the court,” Godinjak said.

She sees her volleyball career coming to an end . She said It’s sad to say because she loves playing but she just going to have fun with her last few games and districts to really to live it up one last time.
“Live up these moments while you can because they’ll be gone before you realize it,” Godinjak said.

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