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Senior Parents,

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the link to the pricing is below

Senior Ad pricing 2019-2020 October

the link to the requirements for the picture are below

All seniors get a photo taken with our official photographer during the in-school studio days so that there is a reserved spot on our layout. Dates are scheduled for September 4 with retakes on October 2.  If students wish to replace that photograph with one taken by another photographer, the replacement photo must be emailed to [email protected]by November 1, 2019.

The studio will provide everything needed for a professional, high quality photograph and will submit the picture to the yearbook staff. There will be no sitting fee, no charge for the yearbook photo submission and there will be the option to purchase more prints.

The studio will provide the tux jacket and shirt for boys and the drape for girls.

To help keep mistakes to a minimum, we post yearbook proof pages TWO TIMES in the hallway outside room 230. This usually happens in December and January.  STUDENTS MUST CHECK THESE PROOF PAGES to confirm that we have their photo, name is spelled correctly and photo is placed in correct spot.


Using a different photographer?  The following requirements must be followed:


Attire must be school appropriate and not in violation of dress code.


  1. Send digital file to [email protected]by Nov. 1.
  2. Gentleman should have a black tux or suit jacket
  3. Ladies’ attire should consist of a black drape. For modesty, covered shoulders and head coverings are acceptable.
  4. No feathers, turtlenecks, or fluff.
  5. No props (football, roses, etc.)
  6. No hands.
  7. Use a simple, uncluttered background. Use only soft, muted colors and avoid bright colors.
  8. Do not use soft focus.
  9. Make sure that the picture shows from mid-chest to the top of the head.
  10. File size no less than 1 MB.


Questions?  Email: [email protected]