Senior Boys Varsity Soccer Senior Night, Oct. 2. Photo by Jonathan Lopez

Varsity Soccer Senior Night

 Senior Patrick Moes said Senior Night was very emotional. It was his very last home game.

     “It was very hard to embrace the moment,” he said.

     Moes said that in the last minutes of the game, he was just reminiscing about the past games he had throughout his high school career. 

  ”I was glad to have all of my friends with me,” Moes said. 

     He said his team fought for him. He could tell when they started losing that every person was pushing their limits to get a goal back for him and the other seniors but unfortunately they never got the goal. 

  “I am grateful that they fought for me,” he said.

     Moes believes in the future, that if they come together as a team they can accomplish anything

     “We have so much potential,” Moes said.

Senior Richard Barajas said the team stuck together until the end even when they were losing, It was like a motto.

     “In a team sticking together will always be a team a small family no singling out,” Barajas said.

   Barajas said that his last year being on CHS soccer has been amazing. It’s sad knowing that he won’t come out next year to play again. he won’t see some of these team mates again, but there’s a high possibility he won’t ever get to play with them again.

     “Have fun, enjoy the moment, the longest as you can because that day will come, becoming a senior, as long as you’re playing, have fun,” he said.

     Barajas said scoring against Rocky on Senior Night felt amazing. It was a big event during Senior Night, scoring gave them a great feeling.

     “Scoring against them gives you adrenaline,” Barajas said.

     In the future, Barajas would like to be a pro soccer player, because he has a dream of becoming one, if he doesn’t make it here. He could go to Mexico. He has connections to make him a pro soccer player. They told him when high school is over he should come back and try out. 

     “Always have a second plan but if you want it really bad, no matter what it’s never too late you’re still young,” Barajas said

   “Barajas learned a lot from every single player from the team & coaches,” he said.

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