Junior Joseph Weston, poses to the Rowdies at Dona Larsen Park for the Homecoming Game on Oct 3. “The Homecoming Game was a blast and I’m glad I got the opportunity to play as the Eagle,” Weston said.

Varsity Football/Homecoming game

   Junior Varsity football player Nathan Cherry said that they overlooked the Borah Lions on their Homecoming Game. They thought Borah was going to be an easier game than it was. They were a good team to play against in the cold weather. Capital lost the game 42-35.  

   “It was a really fun game to play in,” Cherry said.

   He also thought the game against the Timberline Wolves was tough. It was a defensive game with the halftime score 7-0 Eagles. Sean Holstein scored the game winning touchdown and Taner Leaf caught the game sealing interception.

   “It was the toughest game so far because of the weather and we overlooked the team,” he said. 

   The final thing he talked about was the game against Boise High. The game was fun because it was the first game of the season. They were not a good team, but everyone got to play. It was the most exciting game they’ve played.

   “It was a fun game because they were not a good team and everyone got to play,” he said.

   In the future, he plans to play the rest of the season and making the playoffs. He wants a rematch against Borah. He will keep playing through his junior and senior year of high school.

   “I recommend playing football because of the summer programs. It is a fun sport to play and you can make many friendships,” he said.


      Marching Band member Kendall Bower says they did the whole show for the first time at the Homecoming Game. Before that day they had only done certain movements because they play 3 pieces.

      “It takes a lot of work to get a show on the field,” Bower said.

      He also said they played better than past performances. They did the whole show on the field. It was better because they put all three pieces together. It was good for the first time they performed it. 

      “It’s cool that we played better, even though we played longer,” he said.

      The last thing he talked about was how Pep Band was normal for that game. They play out of a book of songs. They went through the usual songs.

     “Pep Band is fun. It is one of my favorite parts of band and if you like listening to it, you’ll like playing it even more. 

      In the future, he’ll probably keep playing his trombone when he’s older. The next Homecoming Game will have a different show that will be better. 

      “You should join band because it is something that will stick with you your entire life,” Bower said.

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