Sophomore Neveah (Sky) Perez and Senior Jeremiah Booth poses for HOCO Dress-up Week Sept. 30. “It was so much fun, I hope we get to do it again this year,” Perez said. Photo by Mandy Ha

Homecoming Dress Up Days

Students celebrated Homecoming with dress up themes each day of Homecoming Week, Sept. 30-Oct.4

   Student Council member sophomore Matasyn Rybar said that the Homecoming dress up themes were based off of Wyatt’s wish. Wyatt wanted to go to Florida and Disneyland which is why Beach Day and Disney Day were created. 

   “Wyatt’s wish to go to Florida with his family. The whole week was to raise money for him to go to Florida,” Rybar said.

   Another part of Homecoming was the game. Capital played against our biggest rival Borah. Student Council sold Beat Borah shirts to support the football team and to show school spirit. 

   “Borah has been our biggest rival since forever. Even with my other siblings that had gone here it’s always just been beat Borah, beat Borah, and beat Borah. A time the school can bond over beating someone,” she said.

   The dance was the exciting part of Homecoming Week. Since Friday was throwback day at the dance, every five songs there was a throwback song. 

   “… it was cool to see everyone dress up in throwback attire,” she said.

   In the future, every year depends on the Make-A-Wish child’s wish which determines the dress up themes.

   “…dressing up in high school is more fun than junior high. Shows school spirit of people participating,” she said.

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