Teachers Elliot Zander and Paula Uriarte dance at the First Day of School Assembly in the gym, Aug. 19. “I think teachers are just as nervous as students. We struggle with what to plan that will be meaningful but not over whelming,” said Uriarte. Photo by Vicki Francis

First Day of School

Aug 19 was the First Day of School for the 2019-2020 school year. Students of all kinds came to Capital High School Monday morning and walked through lines of cheery and rowdy cheerleaders, faculty, and staff on their way to the gym for the First Day Assembly.

Senor Gavin Snow said the first day of school was a fun filled and nerve-racking day into senior year. An important part of the day to Snow was how fun it was to see his friends and classmates and to be a part of his new classes. Snow went around seeing old friends and wandering the halls.

“I enjoy… Meeting all the people in my new classes, I knew most of them but I got to meet a lot of new people,” Snow said.

A noteworthy part of the first day was how nerve racking it was having to prepare and think for college, but the flip side was also formed as excitement grew for the same reasons. 

“Enjoy the year. Just enjoy your time in high school before you have to go to college and be an adult,” Snow said.

Another important part was the fact of senior year. Initially Snow had planned to have a schedule of fun classes, but that wasn’t exactly how things played out.

“I definitely didn’t plan to be taking a bunch of college classes my senior year. I thought I’d be taking a bunch of easy classes to skate through the year with, and that’s not really how it ended up, but it’s fun,” Snow said

Snow plans for the future to get a master’s degree in secondary education with an emphasis in mathematics as well as get into his college of choice and that it will be as fun as high school. 

“From past experience I know that what you plan for the future, half of it comes true and half of it doesn’t, so just be prepared for half of what you plan to not come true. But just enjoy it all the same,” Snow said.


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