Seniors Elizabeth Rasberry, Jessica Camacho, Tristan Tapia, Teacher Violet Martin, Horticulture, Sept. 30. Photo by Allysia Childs


 Senior Payton Govia was a former student in Horticulture. He liked how you could do graphing in horticulture. He said you can’t just cut an Apple tree and an Orange tree and graph it together it’s not in the same family.

   “You can make a lot of interesting combinations when you graph, ” Govia said.

Another important thing was taking cuttings of plants and flowers. It’s very simple and very good for beginners because you don’t have to start with a seed.

   “Anyone can do it,” he said. 

Govia also took small clippings so they reroot. Things could go wrong if you don’t water or water too much.

   “Just make sure you are doing the right thing,” Govia said.

In the future, Govia plays on going to the College of Western idaho to take more classes.

   “Looks like it’s going to be fun and it’s hands on work,” Govia said.


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