In an intense away game against Meridian High School, Sophomore Nate Cherry andJunior De’Andre Atkins press the defense of Meridian to attempt a touchdown. Sept. 26. Photo by Jonah Blackham

JV Football

     Sophomore JV Football Quarterback Max Clarke enjoyed the season thoroughly with his team.

“The time on the bus rides, in the lockers, and celebrating together after a win really set the stage for how the season was; a non-stop blast,” Clarke said. 

Having the benefit of being involved as quarterback with his team, Clarke also had a lot of respect for his team and appreciation for what they all bring to the table.

“We all have a lot of talent and with determination and knowing that we will do anything to win, that’s what sets us higher,” said Clarke.

He has been able to bond with his teammates and it’s the little moments that mean the most to him.

“Whether it be film, practice, or just little talks, being in that environment of trust makes us just come closer together and has created a bond between us,” Clarke said.

In the future Clarke would like to follow through college with football and challenge himself.

“I want to compete as far as I can if the opportunities present themselves,” said Clarke.

     Sophomore JV Football player Jack Murphy mentioned the Capital vs Rocky game this season as one of the most memorable instances of the season.

“We didn’t know what to expect but we still came out on top, we just really enjoyed this game,” said Murphy.

He also commented on his team this year reflecting on how proud he was.

“Last year we struggled but this year everyone is committed and it’s an awesome environment,” Murphy said. 

The characteristics Murphy’s team values and has developed from last year has definitely impacted his season.

“We’re all close and have fun. That added with talent, really just pushed us to the top,” Murphy said.

Murphys vision for the future is pretty straight forward with just wanting to improve and be the best he can. 

“I just want to get more reps and move up to Varsity and enhance my skill,” Murphy said. 


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