Senior Taylor Kowitz watches Wyatt enter Capital High School’s gym for The Make A Wish Assembly on Oct 3. Photo by Tristan Edgerly.

Make A Wish Assembly

DECA student Senior Addie Sheprd said that the Make A Wish Assembly has been a tradition among the seniors for years. It’s an opportunity for students to learn different skills.

“We learn promotional and advertising skills that we can use in real life,” Shepherd said.

Another part of the assembly is the theme and costumes that the DECA students put together for the Make A Wish kid. Each kid has a different theme based on their wish. 

“We have always wanted to match the theme of the assembly to what the Make A Wish kid wanted,” she said

The final and most important part of the Make A Wish Assembly was that the students wanted to make Wyatt feel like he was a part of something. DECA wanted to make Wyat feel like a celebrity. 

“We wanted Wyatt feel that he was important to the whole school and not just DECA,” she said

In the Future, the assembly is in the hands of the next year’s seniors and juniors.  

“It’s a reward that you receive for being part of marketing for three years, You get to be in charge if the assembly, ” she said.


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