Sophomore Kaleah Gowans,Branden Allen and Teacher Matt Furihman ,Beach Day , Homecoming Week, Sept.30. “Its goofy and fun also i enjoyed it ,”Gowans said Photo by Giselle Sanchez

Dress up days

Students and staff did dress up days for Homecoming week Monday Sept, 30-Oct. 4.

   Sophomore Lyric Curry had been dressing up for school activity since 9th grade. She likes dressing up and just being herself. She knows dress up days are days to be yourself and have fun.

   “Don’t be afraid to go all out,” Curry said. 

    Another thing is being yourself and being proud and confident. This is really important, especially in this generation to just be yourself. 

   “Be the most that you can be because there is no one like you,’’ she said. 

Curry thinks having fun is also a big part of dressing up. People can act silly and no one really cares 

   “Just have fun being you and dressing up,’’ she said. 

In the future Lyric Curry will definitely continue to dress up. A reason she does this is because she enjoys the experience of dressing up.

  “You should try it because you won’t know if you like it until you try it,’’ she said

    Sophomore Kaleah Gowens had been dressing up for school activities for 5 years. She says dress up days are fun and lots of people should do. It’s fun because you get to express yourself, be goofy and have fun with friends. 

   “If you do it you may not be the only one doing it and you’re missing out on a lot of fun,” Gowens said. 

    She wishes more people would participate and dress up. Kaleah thinks it would be better if more people would it so it can feel more comfortable instead of just being the only one.

    “When doing it you get to explore your boundaries of creativity,” she said. 

   Gowens thinks by dressing up not only is it fun but shows school spirit. “By doing this people show that they care about their school.

   “You’re showing school pride by being goofy and having fun,” she said. 

    In the future Gowen says she would definitely keep doing this. She also wants to participate more in these fun activities.

  “Definitely dress up ! you will get to acknowledge more!”she said. 


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