Senior Micheal Shumaker records video announcements in the studio for KCHSTV on Oct. 10. “It’s kind of nerve wrecking and difficult being recorded but it can also be lots of fun. I also just like representing KCHSTV,” Shumaker said. Photo by Malorey Gafford.


KCHSTV was recorded and edited in Video Production teacher Gabe Garcia’s Room 209. This is where all of the video announcements took place. Live streams for school sports were also a new part of KCHSTV. To be a part of video announcements students must have participated in Video 1 before moving on to Video 2 and 3. Every announcement was recorded the school day before they were aired. A large crew is needed to record and edit the videos that they take. 

Junior Hannah Stone talked about the different video classes for KCHSTV and why they are important. When talking about the Video 1, she said that they overall just go over the basics of editing. She also said that it’s really fun because they were able to do the live streams for games. 

“It’s a really fun class and I think anyone should join. It will really teach you a lot about editing,” Stone said.

Next, Stone talked about the Video 2 class and its role in KTCHSTV. She said that in this class, things get a little more complex and stressful. She said that when making announcements they always have to double check and make sure things are in order.

“Overall it’s a really great class but it can be very stressful and hectic at times,” Stone said.

Stone went on to talk about the third and final class, Video 3. She said that out of all three classes, this is the class for the more advanced students. She also said that you really have to know your way around technology and editing to be in this class. 

“Most people in Video 3 are really just back-ups in case Video 2 messes up on something but they are still really talented and good at their work,” Stone said.

In the future, Stone said that KCHSTV is planning on working with PBS and they are even working towards a “High School Emmy”. She also said that her teacher, Mr. Garcia is trying to get their class a “mobile studio”.

“We have a couple of upcoming projects and some of them are really exciting. I do encourage people to join this class because it’s really exciting to be a part of the big projects we do and it’s a really fun experience,” Stone said.


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