German exchange students Adonis Abazi and Josephine Pellegrino, Idaho Pizza Company, Oct. 21 Photo by Toni Gorton

GAPP Exchange

Closing The GAPP

Junior Kira Kurz thought that one of the most important parts was the environmental and cultural differences. 

“America is a lot more involved and closer to nature, with more mountains and landscape, while Germany is a lot more urban,” Kurz said. 

“We use double the amount of Germany, especially with them banning plastic straws. America overuses plastic and we should use Germany as an example,” she said.

She said that it was really easy to get along with the German students, despite the language barrier as she didn’t know any German prior to joining the exchange.

“After the first week we had a really good connection. We got to know our exchange partner the first night and it only took a few days to really bond with everybody,” Kurz said. 

When asked about the future, she said, “us going there will be really fun, we’re going to pick up right where we left off. It’ll be a good experience going there and comparing how we live.”

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