Senior Trinity Despeaux, Halloween, Oct. 31. Photo by Rose Lane

Halloween Costumes

On Halloween, several students came to school wearing their costumes. There were a variety of different types of costumes that students wore. Students wanted to show off the work they had done to put them together. Some were also in the Anime Club which was doing cosplay days during that week.

Senior Trinity Despeaux dressed as a villain from the anime “My Hero Academia” named Toga. She had been cosplaying for a few years and started because her friend suggested it to her. 

“My first cosplay was basically just a big dress. I went to a convention called Anime Oasis and a lot of people wanted pictures with me. It really boosted my confidence,” she said.

Despeaux said that Halloween was her favorite holiday just because of how unique the costumes could be. She also liked it because she was judged less about being into cosplay.

“Halloween gives you a chance to be someone else for a day and I just really enjoy that,” she said.

Despeaux was very proud that she was able to put her costume together so quickly and relatively cheaply. She said that professionals would sometimes pay hundreds of dollars ontheir costumes, but she didn’t want to do that.

“It’s a fun pastime, but I don’t want it to be my whole life,” she said.

Despeaux plans to continue cosplaying in the future. She and her friends planned on dressing up as the Powerpuff Girls next year for Halloween and she wanted to be Blossom.

“It just brings me and my friends closer together. We’re just a bunch of nerds having fun together,” she said.


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