Sophomores Kristen Halcomb, Alekya Tanikella, Melina Mohammadi, Yasmin Baeza-Patlan, and Teacher Skye Hetherington, Heart Dissection, Nov. 21. Photo by Hanna Hendrickson

Heart Dissection

  A heart dissection happened the week before Thanksgiving break. Health teacher Skye Hetherington’s health profession class dissected a lamb’s heart on Thursday, Nov. 21. It showed the students what a real heart looked like.

   Health Profession sophomore AJ Cortez said that the heart was a different size and shape than what he thought it would be. The heart was a lot smaller but looked like what he thought a heart would be. The chambers were also smaller and not equal sizes.

   “It’s very interesting. It is the size you think it would be on the outside,” Cortez said.

   Another part of the heart dissection was using the scalpel. The blade was very sharp and cut through the heart flesh easily. He considered it useful knowledge if someone wants to become a surgeon.

   “It is a lot sharper than what you think it is. It’s not like a normal knife, it’s a medical tool used to cut material,” he said.

   Finally, he said that it was cool to look at the heart. The heart wasn’t a human heart, but it closely resembled one. He believed that it was useful to see an organ in person rather than looking at a picture. 

   “Seeing a heart… it’s, interesting,” he said.

   In the future, he would like to do the heart dissection with more confidence now that he knows where each part of the heart is. 

   “The atria is a lot smaller than you think it actually is cause in pictures it looks like it takes up half the heart but really it’s just like a small portion of it,” he said.

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