Aux Gym Sports

Lunch Sports is held in the Auxiliary gym on Mondays, Wednesday, and Friday’s of the week with  PE teacher and basketball coach Dustin Golden and it was filled with all kinds of sports. Sophomore Hejratuilh Safi participated in different athletics in the Aux Gym during lunch. Safi said that being able to play sports in the gym is really fun. He enjoyed playing basketball with others. 

    “You should come because it is involving and entertaining,” Safi said.

    Safi also enjoyed being able to hang out with his friends. Making new friends and the nice vibes are why he went there.

   “Bring all your friends because it’s a nice hang out,” he said. 

   The part that Safi enjoyed most was all the different sports. There was all kinds of sports such as basketball, soccer, football and hockey.

   “Try out all of the sports,” he said

   In the future of the Aux Gym Sports, Safi said that if he had nothing to do, he would be there at lunch.

   “Just have fun there and don’t worry about anything,” he said. 



   Sophomore Kevin Sparks also participated in different athletics in the Aux Gym during lunch. Sparks said that the Aux Gym is a good place to get sports help from Coach Golden. Dustin Golden is the Physical Education teacher and he would help you learn how to play. 

   “If you’re struggling, Golden is a really good teacher,” Sparks said.

   Sparks also said that playing sports in the gym is just a really fun activity to participate in. Not many people had anything to do at lunch so they should have gone to the gym to play or work out.

   “Come through, it’s fun,” he said

   Sparks finally said that the gym was a good place to train yourself in sports. It was a place to get in lots of shots and training.

   “If you want to get better every day, come to the gym,” he said.

   In the future of Aux Gym Sports sparks says that it would be better if it opened up more. 

   “It would be a lot better if more people came,” he said


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