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Festival of Tree’s

Festival of Tree’s

    Art students along with art teacher, Cathy Younger submitted a tree to the judges at the Festival of Trees at the Boise Centre on the Grove on Nov. 24 and brought home Best of Show. 

    Junior Kelzi Hamilton said that Best of Show was the most important thing about being involved in Festival of Trees. She described that the tree that best fits the theme & is most entertaining/unique wins this award, which they did.

   “We were honored to win due to how many competitors there were,” Hamilton said.

   Another important part about the Festival of Trees was the late start they had. She explained how the club had started one month late, it was a slow start that involved a lot of planning for the theme and the materials needed.

   “Even with the late start and stress, i’m glad we managed to get it done and make a great product,” she said.

   The club was committed from the start, even though they wished more people were involved. However they are thankful for who was involved. 

   “We all related on each other to get things done,” she said.

   She hopes that in the future she will continue to participate in the Festival of Trees.

   “I hope that we can get our bearings quicker and be willing to commit to this club for a great tree,” she said 


   Junior Sydney Gingerich said that the most important thing about the Festival of Trees were the doubts the club had. Because of the late start, kids were afraid of how the tree might turn out.

   “We were surprised with the overall outcome and it turned out great. Because we were fearful of getting a lower ranking based on the other schools trees,” Gingerich said.

   Another important part about the festival was the theme. The theme was a gnome fairy village which contained homemade materials like dresses, mushrooms, little fruits and veggies, rocks and benches. 

   “Our theme was supposed to be a magical realistic gnome village,” she said. 

   This was also her first year doing this. She described that she would do it again, and while it is stressful it is very fun.

   “I would recommend Art club if someone is artistic and likes to take their time with things,” she said. 

   In the future she hopes to participate again in the Festival of Trees. She would like to stay and either become president or co-president of the club next year. 

   “I hope to gain more skills as an artist and work up to a bigger title,” she said.

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