Holiday Havoc, Dec. 6. Photo by Kadence Cribbs

Holiday Havoc

   Debate held their annual Holiday Havoc competition on December 6th. Holiday Havoc is a holiday themed debate competition.

   Senior Cosette Van-Cleve said this year they had 32 entries for Holiday Havoc from Capital. They had at least one person for every event and a huge congress team. Congress is a type of debate, where you hold a mock congress session.

   “This is huge for Capital because the debate team has been kind of dwindling,” she said. 

   Van-Cleve also said that this year they did a mitten drive. They had never done it before, and even though debate is underfunded she was excited to see them give back.

   “Donate money or mittens,” She said. 

   Van-Cleve also said that there were 800 people at this event. She said they had to use 3 separate schools, and she had never seen a turnout like this.

   “It’s going to be super cool to see that many people there,” she said. 

   In the future Van-Cleve hoped the novices will continue to do debate so they have a larger Varsity team. She said she would love to see it grow because Debate has changed her life.

   “Come support, be a part of debate or come judge,” she said. 

   Junior Dante Marinelli said this year he did a fun 10-minute play for Holiday Havoc. Marinelli said him and his partner had a hard time being outgoing for this play, but he still had a good time. 

   “It was hard to memorize because there were a lot of small details,” he said.

Marinelli also said it was a really big tournament, it was over 2 days and took place in three different schools. 

   “If you can, you should go, it’s a fun experience,” he said. 

   Marinelli also said there was therapy dogs. He said they’re really calm, help alleviate stress, and are very well trained. 

   “They’re really good at their job,” he said. 

   In the future Marinelli wants other people to try debate. 

   “It’s really fun and all the work is worth it,” he said.

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