Sophmore Lindsey Crandall, Junior Shai Murray, Health Profession, Nov. 20. Photo by Allysia Childs

Health Profession

   Sophomore Jacob Lea was in health profession. Lea liked that he got to dissect a sheep heart while following directions and making cuts in the heart.

“It’s a great experience and hands on work.” Lea said.

  Another thing that was important to Lea  was parallel teaching. Health professions can help you with biology, and biology can also help with health profession.

“It’s a good tool for studying and learning about life.” Lea said.

  Lea said that having a great athletic trainer. Having one that wants to see you pass and do good and reach your goal in life and makes the class fun.

It’s nice to have an athletic trainer on site.” Lea said.

  In the Future Lea wants to be in the medical field.

“To me it’s the most filling to help someone.” Lea said.

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