Junior Joseph Bynum was getting his project ready with Mrs. Farrar. “I care for the foster kids because I was one of them when I was a kid and they get treated like they’re nothing,” Bynum said. Photo by Hanna Hendrickson

Suitcase Drive

  A Suitcase Drive happened in order to give awareness on the topic of foster children and how they move into homes. Family, Career and Community Leaders of America advisor Marcia Farrar helped kids do a project on Foster children and how to help them when they move. It was meant to help bring awareness to the issue of how foster kids are treated. 

   Sophomore Sierra Curtis said that she was doing this project so she could help get rid of the label given to foster kids which is “trash kids” because they are usually given trash bags to pack their belongings into when they are moved to a foster home.

   “They are just kids trying to transition into a better healthier home for them so it’s very important they feel that way than tell them something they’re not,” Curtis said. 

  With this drive, children are able to walk into a new home not being mocked for what they don’t have. Since the foster system doesn’t provide suitcases, this drive will help kids feel more normal. 

   “People can be cruel, people could hurt these kids and stuff so it’s better to not have a bad image of them,” she said.

   Finally, she is using this drive to help with an FCCLA competition. The competition will help to alert the community on why this topic is so important. In the end, she hopes it will boost the kids’ self-esteem. 

   “This is a good topic because the whole community is involved, and it helps you learn how to present projects and to be professional,” she said. 

   In the future, she would have joined FCCLA sooner because it is a good leadership role that she enjoys.

   “I would’ve known what the project was at the start I would have definitely been updated on what’s going on and could’ve gotten done with the project sooner. Other people should join too because you get out in the community and you learn how to be organized and business professional,” she said. 

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