Sage, by Jill Sejd

Visual Arts – Ceramics

Junior Jillian Sejd was inspired to do this piece by the sagebrush that grows in the Boise foothills and wanted to convey the natural beauty of the area. To make the piece she used clay and a sieve to create the sagebrush Texture The lip of the bowl then she glazed the piece and fired it in the kiln. She enjoys creating art because it allows her the ability to express her emotions and passions into a tangible piece of work. In the future, she wants to use her creative side to inspire herself and hopefully others.

Senior Vanessa Corza Godina wanted to experiment with texture and patterns, so she chose to try a floral piece with underglazes for the green, red, and yellow as well as loop tools for the flowers. Corza loves the freedom that comes with art and how it doesn’t have to be perfect. She thinks she will definitely be pursuing art in the future with Ceramics in college. She liked being in Chad Ritzer’s class for the past three years and hopes to continue making art in the future.

Senior Vy Tran was inspired to do this piece because she wanted to try new concepts with clay. She used clay, black underglaze, and clear glaze. Tran enjoyed creating art because it helped her express her ideas of creativity. In the future, she sees herself doing ceramics after graduation and becoming an engineer.

By Abe Turpen
By Tanner Leaf

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