In an intense away game against Meridian High School, Sophomore Nate Cherry andJunior De’Andre Atkins press the defense of Meridian to attempt a touchdown. Sept. 26. Photo by Jonah Blackham

JV Football

Zach Ip, Contributer
November 14, 2019
Junior Joseph Weston, poses to the Rowdies at Dona Larsen Park for the Homecoming Game on Oct 3. “The Homecoming Game was a blast and I’m glad I got the opportunity to play as the Eagle,” Weston said.

Varsity Football/Homecoming game

Mac Noltensmeyer, Contributer
November 12, 2019
 Senior Jonah Blackham catching a touchdown in the 3rd quarter helping us win against Boise at Donal Larson on Aug. 30.
“It felt good to beat Boise, we had a good game, Blackham said. Photo by Jennifer Vasile

Varsity football

Jennifer Vasile, Contributer
November 12, 2019
Senior Jacob Jones makes a touchdown with 53 seconds left in the first quarter at Dona Larson Park against Boise High on, Aug. 30. “I missed the hole, so I told myself I better make up for my mistake. I was supposed to go up the middle but instead I went right and pulled the guy with me to score the touchdown,” Jones said. Photo by Delano Hamilton

Varsity Football

Araseli (Lily) Sancho, Team Editor
November 11, 2019
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