In an intense away game against Meridian High School, Sophomore Nate Cherry andJunior De’Andre Atkins press the defense of Meridian to attempt a touchdown. Sept. 26. Photo by Jonah Blackham

JV Football

November 14, 2019

 Senior Jonah Blackham catching a touchdown in the 3rd quarter helping us win against Boise at Donal Larson on Aug. 30.
“It felt good to beat Boise, we had a good game, Blackham said. Photo by Jennifer Vasile

Varsity football

November 12, 2019

Senior Jacob Jones makes a touchdown with 53 seconds left in the first quarter at Dona Larson Park against Boise High on, Aug. 30. “I missed the hole, so I told myself I better make up for my mistake. I was supposed to go up the middle but instead I went right and pulled the guy with me to score the touchdown,” Jones said. Photo by Delano Hamilton

Varsity Football

November 11, 2019

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